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From the nursing aspect, when working outside the country, an immense amount of detail and planning goes into every aspect of the trip like perioperative patient care, regulations of the hospital and ORs, and approvals of our manifests of equipment, instrumentation, and supplies from the government (both US and abroad). During the entire time of this mission, we were engaged in ongoing, mutual clinical education, improving systematic patient flow efforts, and streamlining our surgical productivity.

Behind the scenes, the OR is structured around efficiency, following regulated sterilization practices, and providing excellent customer service. In this particular hospital, nurses run the instrumentation wash room and sterilizing area. They train two extra years to do so on top of their RN schooling. It is so impressive to see the Peruvian staff take such pride in their work. This actually made it easier to communicate since we both speak the same ‘high quality/safety’ language. Throughout our work week, constant communication also goes on between the charge nurses on the hospital’s different floors preparing our patients for their OR arrival. The hospital staff allows a family member to stay with the patient on the OR floor until it is time for the patient to go back for surgery. All these components, and so much more, allowed us again to bring joy to the Peruvian lives we encountered by providing basic surgical care to the children. By expanding relations outside of the US, our group recognized there is a connection that is made; a bond if you will that will not break any time soon.