Guatemala: Day Six & Day Seven - OR

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OR Day #3

Hand Therapists attended rounds every morning and evening. During the day, they providing care for our patients and were creative in fashioning splints for post-operative while and teaching patients and parents post-operative regimens.

Other members of the therapy team would teach education workshops at the hotel from 8:30 to 1:30 every day on such topics as elbow fractures, nerve injuries, hand fractures, and case presentations.

Another group of talented therapists taught the Roosevelt Hospital (Burn Center). They also screened children for possible surgical intervention.

Sharon Andruskiwec, PT, CHT  stated that “Over the years we've been traveling to clinics, we have made great friends with the therapists. They have shown amazing growth in their knowledge and treatment skills. They treat challenging patients that we discuss and use as a  basis for teaching topics including assessments, sensory evaluation, treatment planning, and orthotic fabrication.”


  • ORIF Left radius nonunion, vascularized periosteum, Darrach resection
  • Ulnar shortening
  • Left wrist fusion, PRC
  • Left shoulder release with nerve transfer
  • Ray resection
  • Left elbow closing wedge osteotomy, plate and screw fixation
  • Left hand Z-plasty and FTSG
  • Right revision syndactyly, release ring finger PIP contracture, FTSG
  • Burn release and FTSG
  • Left IP thumb fusion
  • Right forearm deep mass excision (lipomyofibroma)

OR Day #4


  • Left thumb reconstruction, right index pollicization aborted secondary to inadequate vessel size
  • Left Matev thumb release w/ EPL rerouting/FCU fractional lengthening/EPB-EPL tenodesis
  • R excision ectrodactyly index and long, rotational osteotomy thumb
  • R humerus hypertophic non-union ORIF
  • L small Burn contracture release w/ possible FTSG and pinning
  • R scar excision and primary closure
  • Right thumb reconstruction
  • R 3rd web syndactyly release
  • L hand scar release w/ skin graft palm and long finger/Z-plasty index
  • L duplicate thumb excision with ligament reconstruction
  • R thumb IP fusion with screw, Z-plasty ulnar size
  • R Stiletto flap and 1st webspace release
  • L Humeral osteotomy w/ plate and screw fixation