Our Volunteers

Touching Hands volunteers are a mix of hand surgeons, nurses, hand therapists and anesthesiologists. Each volunteer donates his or her time for 1- or 2-week missions and is dedicated to changing lives around the world. Thank you to our volunteers for the generosity and spirit that makes Touching Hands possible.

Touching Hands did for me just what it was supposed to. It gave me a chance to give back to those less fortunate. It made me appreciate what a gift those of us who do hand surgery have been given and how we can change so many lives in a positive way.

Anthony A. Smith, MD
Hand Surgeon, Mayo Clinic Arizona

This outreach is incredibly impactful to the people ... and could be the difference between a person providing for their family and being able to work or devastating poverty. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of Touching Hands.

Kelly Boyd, RN
Registered Nurse, Duke University

We are lucky to be in a field where you can impact many lives in only a week. [Touching Hands missions] remind you of why you went into medicine and reinvigorates you to get back into your practice.

Nicole Jarrett, MD
Hand Surgeon, Cooper University Hospital

Seeing the impact that even the most simple of procedures have on these patients makes these missions worthwhile.

Meredith Muncy, CRNA
Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Duke University

Volunteer for a mission.

Your time and expertise is invaluable to us.